Setting up a project team

We recommend you set up a project team to assist you. The best way to ensure that your survey is a success is to invest time and effort in the beginning to involve those people who have the most impact on patients’ experiences and who will be responsible for responding to the results of the survey.

As a minimum, you will need

  • A survey lead
  • A person from your data team, who will draw your patient sample
  • Your Caldicott Guardian, who will sign off the sample before the data leaves your trust’s systems.

Establishing a workgroup

Put together a small team of people who are key stakeholders and involve them in decisions. Groups to consider include:

  • Caldicott Guardian
  • Board members
  • Doctors, nurses and other health care staff
  • Members of patient groups with a special interest in the trust
  • Patients and carers
  • Medical records personnel or Patient Administration System (PAS) staff
  • Managers
  • Staff or directors responsible for clinical governance, patient advice and liaison service (PALS), quality improvement, strategic planning

Involving the sample drawer in planning meetings

It is essential that the person who will be drawing the patient list, and their line manager, understand the purpose of the survey and the importance of drawing the sample correctly. You need to share the sampling instructions with them and involve them in early planning meetings to ensure that the appropriate resources and support will be in place when the sample needs to be drawn.

Keeping everyone informed

Notify as many people as possible about ideas and activities. All departments in the trust should be made aware when a survey is being conducted in case patients contact the trust asking questions about the questionnaire they have received.

Not overlooking front-line staff

These people have the most direct impact on patients’ experiences and their input will be invaluable for the success of the survey.