Survey Instructions


The topics listed in this section contain specific information relevant to all the surveys in the NHS Patient Survey Programme. Please click on any of the titles below to access the information:


Icon: Acrobat PDFThe importance of survey feedback


Icon: Acrobat PDFSetting up a survey team


Icon: Acrobat PDFData protection and confidentiality


Icon: Acrobat PDFEthical issues, ethics committees and research governance


Icon: Acrobat PDFCollecting data from non-English-speaking populations


Icon: Acrobat PDFPublicising survey


Icon: Acrobat PDFImplementing the survey: practicalities


Icon: Acrobat PDFSubmitting sample


Icon: Acrobat PDFMaking sense of the data


Icon: Acrobat PDFReporting results


Icon: Acrobat PDFUniversal Glossary



Please contact the Survey Coordination Centre Icon: Email address if you have any queries or comments about these instructions.