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Title:Inpatient Survey 2007: Analysis of the patients' free text comments 
Overview:The 2007 national inpatient survey was carried out in autumn 2007 as part of the national patient survey programme. The end of the questionnaire consisted of an 'other comments' section where respondents were free to make further comments, should they wish to do so. Work was carried out by the Co-ordination Centre to analyse the free text comments written by respondents at the end of the questionnaire. The project was largely exploratory, with the aim of assessing the nature and quality of the comments and how they might be used to support the quantitative survey results at a national level. 
Category:Adult Inpatient Survey 2007 
Trust Type:Community 
Survey Type:Adult Inpatient 
Author:Esther Howell and Julia Martin 
Publisher:Picker Institute Europe 
Date Published:June 2009 
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