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The aim is  FILLIN ["description of survey"][] \* MERGEFORMAT Aim of survey is to…. The Healthcare Commission will use the results of the survey to monitor the performance of each trust involved. The use of confidential information In order to carry out the survey,  REF Approvedcontractor Survey contractor requires personal data of the patients that have visited the trust. These will be: name, address, age, gender, and ethnic group information, and will not include any data of a medical nature. This enables  REF Approvedcontractor Survey contractor to select a sample of patients to send out a questionnaire by post. All organisations that process personal data must comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the common law duty of confidence. They must submit a notification to the Information Commissioner. NHS organisations must adhere to the NHS confidentiality code of practice. Additionally, the Healthcare Commission must be satisfied that all arrangements comply with its code of practice on confidential personal information. The Commission requires that the transfer of patient data is done in an appropriate way, that does not compromise patient confidentiality. Each trust taking part in the survey has entered into a written agreement with  REF Approvedcontractor Survey contractor and with the members of  REF Approvedcontractor Survey contractor staff that will have access to the personal data. Contracts The written agreement consists of a model contract and an honorary contract. This was originally produced by the Healthcare Commission, and has been subject to a legal review at the trust, where it may have been amended to suit the individual requirements of the trust. By signing the model contract,  REF Approvedcontractor Survey contractor are obliged to keep the information confidential at all times, and are required to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. The model contract also ensures that  REF Approvedcontractor Survey contractor staff members sign and abide by the honorary contract. The honorary contract is set up between the trust and those members of  REF Approvedcontractor Survey contractor staff who will have access to patients’ information. The honorary contract describes how patients’ personal data will be sent to  REF Approvedcontractor Survey contractor, and how the data can be used. It also ensures that only those members of staff named in the contract will have access to the data. The  FILLIN [name of MREC] \* MERGEFORMAT Name of MREC has approved the use of these contracts in the  REF Name_of_survey name of survey ( FILLIN [Date MREC approval obtained] \* MERGEFORMAT Date MREC approval was obtained).      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