Local surveys

This section contains questionnaire compilation tools and guidance materials to support NHS organisations to carry out local patient surveys using the same questions and approach as are employed in the NHS patient survey programme. Please note: if you use a survey contractor to conduct the survey on your behalf (i.e. contractor receives patient/service user name and addresses) then we recommend you apply for Section 251 approval under the NHS Act 2006.

Using the tools and guides on this site will help to ensure that your results are comparable with previous surveys undertaken as part of the nationally coordinated programme. This means, for example, that you can:

  • Track the experience of your patients over different intervals of time. For example, you might undertake more regular surveys to provide a more continuous view of performance than afforded by annual surveys alone.
  • Explore particular issues in greater depth and detail. For example, focusing on specific groups of patients, particular hospital sites or service and delivery issues that are of particular relevance to you locally

Data from these local surveys can then help provide evidence for instigating and evaluating a range of local quality improvement initiatives, in addition to any surveys that are conducted as part of the nationally coordinated programme. The selection of surveys available for local use will be expanded as new surveys are developed and existing surveys are de-developed. All such surveys that cover an acute setting will be available via this site.

Avoiding duplication:
Before you carry out an additional patient survey in your trust, please check that the same or a similar survey is not already planned as part of the Care Quality Commission's national patient survey programme . If there is a national survey scheduled for around the same time, it is very important that appropriate steps are taken to avoid duplication – for example, by avoiding overlapping fieldwork periods and/or by cross checking samples to avoid surveying the same patients twice. Please read this Icon: Acrobat PDF briefing note for further information.

The following surveys are currently available for use locally:

Local Surveys